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Year One At The Paper.

You’re starting a news outlet in 2020? In print? During a global pandemic? When we were starting The Paper., we got these questions and more from nearly everyone: from family and friends to radio show hosts. They told us print was dead. But we didn’t listen.  This story also appeared in Commentary Being from Albuquerque […]

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Removal of Legislature’s Top Education Staffer Called for After Allegations of Racism

The New Mexico Legislative Education Study Committee (LESC)—one of the most powerful and influential components of the Legislature—is going through a tumultuous time right now, caused by a very internal personnel issue that has now made its way to a very public stage. Allegations of racist comments and a hostile work environment, as well as […]

From LGBTQ to Queer

What’s in a name? My obsession with words has been obvious from a very early age to, well, everyone within ear- or email-shot of me at any time. So, the fact I grew up to become a lawyer and newspaper co-owner is no surprise at all to anyone who knew me as a kid. What […]

Gender Equity in Autism Is Missing

April is Autism Awareness Month! But to me, as an autistic woman, awareness just isn’t good enough. The goals around autism must be greater! And one of the most overdue and urgent goals is gender equity.  This story also appeared in Commentary When I was growing up, my mom would often tell me I was […]

The Abysmal Abyss Between the Media and Women

It is said that history is written by the victors. And for better or worse (more often than not, worse), it is. But I would argue that history is also written by the writers! Those who, with everything from a pen to a piano, capture history and immortalize it for the world. In songs, in […]