Residents of Albuquerque have the opportunity to support and fund our schools by voting yes for the two Albuquerque Public School mill levy and bond questions in this November’s local election ballot. The APS mill levy and bond questions provide $630 million of much-need funding for the infrastructure needs of our public schools. All other funding (employee pay, etc.) flows from the legislature in Santa Fe. This is our city’s chance to say YES to new construction and updates to our school buildings as well as equipment and technology for our students and staff.

Moreover, the primary reason to vote FOR the APS Mill levy and bond questions on November 2 is that EVERYONE WINS!

STUDENTS WIN when their basic needs of shelter, food and emotional well-being are met so they are able to learn and process new information. Our perennial HVAC problems are detrimental to students’ learning and their health! Students cannot learn to their highest potential when they are sweating in sweltering summer temperatures or freezing in unheated classrooms. A vote FOR the mill levy and bond questions will help us provide for these basic needs.

STUDENTS WIN because the mill levy and bond questions address their technology needs. Students need reliable internet service in our schools and throughout the city. These funds will provide students access to technology devices that will help them build 21st Century skills.

EDUCATORS WIN because our working conditions are students’ learning conditions. Educators are frequently unable to complete all the tasks asked of us due to internet failures and inadequate technology. Educators suffered in sweltering classrooms with their students as school started this year. We all have the same basic need for comfortable spaces in which to teach and learn. The dollars from the mill levy and bond questions will go a long way in addressing educators’ concerns about teaching and learning conditions.

OUR CITY WINS because the money from the mill levy and bond questions will create hundreds of well-paying jobs across many sectors. We know that every dollar we invest in public works is spent on workers providing for their families. Further, city taxpayers will see NO TAX INCREASES. This is money we already have.

When you vote FOR releasing the mill levy and bond funds to the APS Capital Master Plan, you are ensuring that EVERYONE WINS in our city. Our schools are in dire need of this funding so that, together, we can build a world-class education system for all APS students, the staff who serve them, and the citizens of this great city.

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