Pat Davis is the publisher and co-owner of The Paper.


Before and after the televised debacle last week we called a debate, I saw several reporters on a variety of networks talking to “undecided voters”. And I asked myself, “who are these people”? Have they been in an isolation tank these last three plus years? Do they not own a TV, radio, computer or newspaper? Are they watching Love Island and so many reality shows they can no longer recognize reality? Have they been in a COVID-induced coma as a result of our current President’s failure to deal with a pandemic?

I am completely flummoxed by these undecided voters saying they haven’t “heard a plan from the Democrats”. Obviously, these people are not remotely paying attention. It’s pathetic. It’s obscene. Come on people, what are you waiting for? A sign from God? I think you received several during the debate!

You have to wonder, how do these people get up and get dressed in the morning? Do they SnapChat various wardrobe choices and let friends decide? Are they clueless to the constant whirlwind of noise and chaos, lies and illegalities, threats and misinformation that is this administration’s daily diet?

Maybe they think somehow Trump’s wealth will trickle down to them and end up in their pocket? If they were paying attention, they’d realize, his wealth, like the man, is a complete farce. If Trump showed up at their house, peed on their lawn, insulted grandma and grabbed their daughter, would that even be enough to push them over to Biden? I think not.

At this point, if you’re still undecided, do us a favor in November and stay home.