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Native-owned Brewery Honors Indigenous Land With Beer Labels

our sleeve. Knowing the ancestral lands your beer was brewed upon! Yes. You are on native land and so is your beer! In celebration and advancement of Indigenous Peoples Day and Native American Heritage Month, Bow and Arrow present the Native Land Label. A collaboration of breweries using a land acknowledgment label. If you haven’t heard of an “ indigenous land acknowledgment”, you may have not been to a large native gathering in the last five years. A now regular part of the tools we as native people use to offset the usual colonial constructs, is being able to proudly acknowledge who’s tribal ancestral lands we stand on at any time. The “Americas” north and south were all once native land and it is important for those residing on those territories to understand who was there before them, who is there currently, and whose indigenous land it will always be.
As mentioned above, formal meeting places and large public group introductions are the normal places you hear this knowledge brought to the forefront, but that will soon change. Bow and Arrow Brewing will soon release the Native Land label, an idea that allows brewers nationwide, Native or not, to share their local ancestral land identity with their consumers! This is how it works: A brewery signs up with Bow and Arrow, they must discover the land claim and also promise to provide a part of the sales to a Native American non-profit. Bow and Arrow’s proceeds will provide help to First Nations Development Institute for their Stewarding Native Lands initiative. The label artwork will be sent to the participating breweries to package their own Native Land Label locally from NM to New Hampshire!