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Commissioners Follow The Money

Parks to play in, emergency medical folks and community centers were all part of the Bernalillo County Commission fiscal year 2022 budget at its April 6 regular meeting. This and a bunch of other business has been taken care of by the commission during its last several meetings.  Follow The Money Some government reporters get […]

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Legalize Your Crop

“All the hoop’s businesses are going to have to jump through to obtain a license from the state have yet to be determined. And it may not just be the licensure rules—there may be reporting requirements. There may be concerns about where the persons purchasing products are from …”

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What You Need to Know About Cannabis Banking

“The hope is that it will become easier. If it were legalized or if there were safe harbor banking laws passed, that would give protections and more banks would feel more compelled to say, “Okay, I feel a little better protected.” But if they choose not to want to be involved in high-risk activities, it doesn’t matter.”

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It’s a B-Day for ABQ

Albuquerque, our state’s most populous city and the place most of us call home, was founded in 1706 by Nuevo Mexíco Governor Francisco Cuervo y Valdés as La Villa de Albuquerque. We’ve had a bit of a name trim in the intervening centuries, but 2021 AD marks the 315th birthday of the Duke City. From […]

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Cannabis Workforce Complications

Here’s why it’s good to hire a cannabis user: Researchers at Washington State University published a study in the Journal of Business Venturing in March that entrepreneurs who used cannabis frequently were able to produce more novel business ideas than those who didn’t use cannabis. This is probably due to long-term effects of marijuana use like increased openness.