When we started The Paper. last October, we never imagined that our reporting would be used in a presidential impeachment trial.

Today, that happened.

The Paper.’s Reporting on Cowboys 4 Trump Featured in Impeachment Trial

  • House managers cite Griffin’s plan for a new rally with “blood running from the building”
  • Evidence in president’s impeachment trial included video of Griffin, captured by The Paper before it was deleted by Facebook

Using reporting from The Paper., Albuquerque’s new independent news outlet, House impeachment managers on Thursday profiled Otero County Commissioner and Cowboys for Trump founder Couy Griffin as an example of Trump supporters, inspired by the president, who intended to enact violence against members of Congress. In the hours after the January 6th attack on Congress, […] Watch the video from the impeachment trial here.

A note from our editor

I’m incredibly proud of our team of independent New Mexico journalists whose tenacity created reporting impactful enough to be a part of the president’s impeachment trial in the US Senate.

We’re all proud that our new paper, The Paper., is creating journalism of that caliber.
Tierna Unruh-Enos, Managing Editor

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From the first moment the story broke on Jan. 6, our reporters began working the local angle to identify New Mexicans involved. They were the first to find Griffin’s videos and saved them before they were deleted by Facebook.

Since then, our reporters have followed Griffin’s arrest and detention and provided the local angle on other hate groups in New Mexico.
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