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Senate Sets Haaland Hearing Date As Oil Country Republicans Prep Attacks

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In honor of Black History Month and Black New Mexicans, we at The Paper. wanted to amplify Black voices and give space to hear their perspective on being Black in New Mexico.

This week, we asked our regular journalists and contributors to take a step back and give their space to Black writers, organizers and businesses to share their perspective on being Black in New Mexico.

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Black Lives Matter Movement

Share the Mic

By our editor

New Mexico is more complex than the tri-cultural Native, Spanish, White narrative. Here’s why we decided to take a step back and share the mic with our Black community.

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Being Black in New Mexico

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We Sing Our Own Song

By Gene Grant

Gene Grant is the 15-year host of New Mexico in Focus, airing Friday nights on 5.1 New Mexico PBS. Previously Grant was a weekly columnist for the Albuquerque Journal and Tribune.

Businesses Report Boost After BLM

By Tracy Dingmann

Tracy Dingmann is a former journalist who worked as a reporter for the Albuquerque Journal and many other print and online publications. She is the mother of two grown sons and is active in diverse cultural and social organizations in her community. She currently works as a government administrator.

Cafecito con Colon Amplifies Black Voices

By Shannon Moreau

Shannon Moreau is a writer and blogger of Black history, pop culture, and personal stories. She has served as both president and secretary for the local chapter of a national writers organization. She’s the contributing editor for the New Mexico Black Leadership Council’s EQ Online.


We Are The Ones

By Ramona King

Filmmaker tells the story of New Mexico’s black experiences.

Ramona King is a member of New Mexico Women in Film, SAG-AFTRA, and is a writer and producer. She is a solo performer of historical portrayals and life stories/wisdom tales for the stage.

New Mexico Black Artists Weave History and Art

By Zahra Bundrage

Zahra Bundrage is a recent Masters Graduate from the University of New Mexico who wrote her thesis dismantling traditional ideals of beauty. She has recently begun her career as a freelance writer.


Black History Month Events

By Shannon Moreau

Thursday, February 18 SOUL TV From 1968 to 1973 the PBS variety show “SOUL!” offered […]


Food Review: A Wild Variety

By Max B. Mangè

Black-owned vegan vittles get high marks.

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Senate Sets Haaland Hearing Date As Oil Country Republicans Prep Attacks

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