Governor Lujan Grisham Signs Impact Aid for Schools, Courtesy Governor MLG Facebook

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Amid plenty of sunshine and New Mexico spring winds, Monday’s bill signing marked one of the largest gatherings of tribal leaders in person since the pandemic began, the AP’s Cedar Attanasio wrote yesterday.

Unlike her predecessor who used her signing pen to veto much of what the legislature sent her, Governor Lujan Grisham has now signed 24 pieces of legislation, with more coming.

One of the most impactful bills removed a state “credit” against federal funding for tribal and military schools that diverted as much as 75 percent of those federal funds away from tribal schools. In a companion to the Yazzie/Martinez school funding lawsuit, a similar suit recently found that those diversions perpetuated generations of inequities in tribal education. But what to do about it?

Tribal leaders worked with the State’s Indian Affairs and Public Education Departments to change the law. Tribal leaders “grabbing me by the lapels,” to pass this law, Speaker Egolf told media covering yesterday’s ceremony. This law could be a “generational change” for Indian education in New Mexico.

In other words, it’s a big deal from the legislature you probably hadn’t heard much (or anything) about. So what else has been signed into law?

For today’s Front Page, we took a look.

Front Page

Here Are All The Bills Governor Lujan Grisham Has Signed & Vetoed So Far This Year

Governor has issued just one veto so far.

Governor Lujan Grisham Signs Impact Aid for Schools, Courtesy Governor MLG Facebook

Governor Signs Legislation Protecting Hair and Headdress

By Tierna Unruh-Enos, April 6, 2021 | In a timely move, just as France is facing backlash from around the world for passing mandates that prohibit Muslim women and girls from wearing hijab, or a headscarf, Governor Lujan Grisham signed into law measures that prohibit discrimination, discipline or disparate treatment of New Mexico students based on their […]

Gov Signs Bill Eliminating Fines for Juvenile Offenders

By Victoria Traxler, March 31, 2021 | Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham on Tuesday signed a bill into law that will eliminate certain fines and fees for juvenile offenders, “aligning with the juvenile justice reform efforts of the Children, Youth and Families Department,” the Governor’s Office said in a news release. This story also appeared in Santa Fe […]

What next? Big-ticket items including mandatory sick leave, cannabis legalization and the state budget (which will be full of line-item vetoes) are all still in the gov’s inbox. Watch this space as we track the bills.

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