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It’s Thursday, April 22nd – Earth Day! – and this week The Paper‘s print issue is all about Earth Day and the climate crisis.

Here are some of the big stories our reporters brought you this week from across New Mexico:

  • Protecting the Pecos River. A northern New Mexico mining community at the headwaters of the Pecos River is finally making progress cleaning up the toxic legacy left behind by a former mine. Now a new plan threatens the valley and the river again. The governor and our federal leaders are fighting to protect the Pecos, but is it too late? Our Tierna Unruh-Enos reports.
  • Fighting Chaco Canyon Fracking. Our Jonathan Sims has chronicled the fight to protect the historic Chaco Canyon area from expanding oil and gas operations. With Deb Haaland now at the head of Interior, local organizers have new hope.
  • Once the Coal Plant Closes. Also in northwest New Mexico, almost every family within 100 miles of this coal-powered power plant depends in some way on the plant for a job. So what happens when it closes to meet New Mexico’s ambitious new renewable energy goals. Gwynne Ann Unruh talked to communities and local officials to find out.

If our front page today looks like the Biden family picture album, it’s because President Biden is making big news on Earth Day and First Lady Dr. Jill Biden is waking up in New Mexico this morning. After a trip to a South Valley health clinic yesterday, today she is traveling to the Navajo Nation.

The moments after the Minnesota verdict sparked new hope for police reform. But two more Black Americans were killed by police in separate incidents just hours after the verdict was read. In other words, one conviction does not change the whole system.

On a related note, one of the alternate jurors in the trial tells CBS News what she saw from inside the jury box and what key witness sealed the deal for her, and likely others, charged with judging the crime. Read that here.

Front Page

In Biden’s Climate Summit, Watch for Cajoling, Conflict, Pathos

Biden to announce an ambitious plan to cut US emissions by 50%.

First Lady Visits South Valley Vaccine Clinic Amid National Vaccine Push

By SUSAN MONTOYA BRYAN and MORGAN LEE Associated Press, ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (AP) — First lady […]

First Lady Dr. Jill Biden To Visit Navajo Nation, Once Floored By COVID-19

By FELICIA FONSECA Associated Press, FLAGSTAFF, Ariz. (AP) — Jill Biden is traveling to the […]

Policing & Justice

‘He was guilty.’ Extra Juror In Favor of Chauvin Conviction

By DOUG GLASS Associated Press, MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — An alternate juror at the trial of […]

Grim List of Deaths at Police Hands Grows Even After Verdict

By LINDSAY WHITEHURST and ALANNA DURKIN RICHER Associated Press Just as the guilty verdict was […]

This Earth Day, do something good for Mother Earth and our City: Here are a few ways you can help…

  • Donate to the Dakota Tree Project, a local non-profit working to restore ABQ’s declining tree canopy. You can even donate a tree in tribute to a loved one (what better gift than “I planted a tree for you!”?)
  • Plant a tree, get $100 off your water bill. Shop at one of our local nurseries for a new water-wise tree and you can get a $100 credit off of your water bill. Visit the ABCWUA’s TreeBate program for more.

Saturday is Independent Bookstore Day! To celebrate, Bookworks is hosting two virtual events with local authors. Register today!

1pm: Gina Gates, author of Narcissus Nobody.

3pm: State Sen. Bill O’Neill reads from his new poetry collection, The Definition of Empty.

Cannabis News

Presented by Ultra Health

Weekly Canna: More Plants Needed

By Josh Lee

Some producers are saying that the state is currently facing a supply crisis in the […]

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