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Daily Digital Edition | Wednesday, February 10, 2020


Just when you thought election season was done, here we go again!

In less than three weeks, candidates for mayor and five city council districts can officially file and begin raising money. City elections historically see an incredibly low voter turnout.

At The Paper. we’re seeking to change that.

Prompted by the sheriff’s not-so-subtle hints that he’s challenging Keller, we asked our reporters to look at how Gonzales might run a “tough on crime” campaign against the mayor, and how Keller might fight back. To find out we talked to Democrats and Republicans alike and found a few of each with a few surprising takes.

In two weeks we’ll look back at Keller’s last four years and what it will take for him to win four more. If other candidates emerge, we’ll cover them, too. After that, we’ll start profiles of city councilors on the ballot and the challengers who step up to oust them.

Read more about our plans to cover city elections here.

The Paper. is a community paper. If you think we aren’t fair or have a different take, share it by emailing We just might feature it in one of our future issues.

By the time we get to November, you’ll have a whole library of profiles, stories, endorsements and critiques you can use to make your decision.

Pat Davis, Publisher
Tierna Unruh-Enos, Managing Editor

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What It Takes to Win

Our editor talked with Darren White, a former Republican sheriff and daytime political talk radio host, to talk about Manny’s chances with Republicans, how Keller will likely push back, and the challenges of transitioning from sheriff to another office in the eyes of voters. His answers just might surprise you.

Who is Manny Gonzales?

Meet Bernalillo County’s top cop.

The Case for Mayor Manny

Manny Gonzales won re-election as sheriff with Democratic and Republican votes. In a city besieged by crime, is the sheriff the right guy for right now?

Sheriff Racks Up Millions in Settlements

Sheriff’s term plagued by allegations of racial profiling, abuses of force.

Whoever inherits the mayor’s 11th-floor office in City Hall this November will be responsible for implementing DOJ’s mandated reforms for use-of-force abuses.

The Sheriff (Finally) Dons a Camera

After years of refusing to require cameras for his deputies, Gonzales made a sudden about-face when faced with new laws requiring it.

In two weeks: A look back at Tim Keller’s last four years, and how he’ll make the case for four more.

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