CLIMB Act Opens Door to Weed Investing

New Bill Could Change Pot Banking Discourse

Last week federal lawmakers introduced the Capital Lending and Investment for Marijuana Businesses (CLIMB) Act, meant to give cannabis businesses access to traditional banking loans and allow their stocks to be traded on U.S. securities exchanges. The bill was introduced by bipartisan sponsors and would amend the Securities Exchange Act to create a safe harbor…

Picuris Pot Patient to Sue Feds

Indian Affairs Faces Suit Over Destroyed Plants

A Picuris Pueblo resident who was targeted by the BIA over legal cannabis plants has filed a lawsuit against the agency.

Blunts: Dispensary Holds Expungement Sessions

Cannabis News

The legalization of cannabis in New Mexico caused a number of criminal records to be automatically expunged. But some eligible records are still on file and local dispensary Green Goods is helping people make sure their records have been cleared. According to KOB TV, Green Goods held its first cannabis expungement…

Fetterman Pushes Biden

Senate Hopeful Embracing Pot Activism

Last week Pennsylvania Lt. Gov. John Fetterman (D) met with President Joe Biden to discuss the decriminalization of cannabis in a closed meeting.


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