Spending Bills Address Pot Problems

Cannabis Reform Discussed in Appropriations Talks

Lawmakers have once again failed to include protections for state-legal cannabis programs in the base spending bill that funds the Department of Justice (DOJ). Legislators will now have to vote to include those protections as an amendment to the bill. But there are other cannabis reforms at work in the current spate of spending bills…

Court Confirms Delta-8 THC is Legal

Controversial Drug to Be Treated As Hemp

The battle over designer drug delta-8 THC has taken an interesting turn now that a unanimous court ruling has determined that it is legal under federal law.

Leaders Call for SAFE Banking

Politicians and Banks Want Pot Banking Laws Passed

Community leaders from across the nation are urging Congress to pass some form of a bill with bipartisan support that will protect banks that want to work with legal cannabis companies. They say the SAFE Banking Act would promote public health and decrease crime. All that remains to be seen is…

Does Cannabis Make Us Nicer?

An interview with Jacob Vigil

UNM researchers discovered that people who have recently used cannabis scored higher on standardized measurements of prosocial behaviors, empathy and moral decision-making compared to non-users.

Investing in Green

Now’s the Time For Cheap Pot Stocks

There are now 19 states that have legalized adult-use cannabis and it looks like even more are gearing up to do so in the coming year. Marijuana is a booming market and consumers are climbing over each other for a chance to buy legal weed.


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