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From Cop to Cannabis: A Profile of Purlife’s Darren White

We Interview Up-and-Coming Entrepreneurs in the Cannabis Industry

Darren White is the CEO of PurLife Management Group. White is the former Sheriff of Bernalillo County who was once on the other side of the fence when it came to cannabis. Now he heads one of the leading medical cannabis companies in the state. We sat down with him to discuss the ups and downs of running a popular chain of dispensaries.

NM Medical Producers Worry Over Legalization

Protecting Medical Cannabis

Advocates are still celebrating the passing of the Cannabis Regulation Act (CRA) last month, but some medical cannabis and prospective recreational producers are concerned that a lack of detail and direction in the bill could lead to a confusing scramble before the recreational retail marijuana market opens its doors.

Cannabis Decriminalization and The Last Prisoner Project

An Interview with Andrew and Steve DeAngelo

Andrew and Steve DeAngelo have been working tirelessly to free these unjustly imprisoned individuals and help them rebuild their lives through the Last Prisoner Project. The organization has become the leading voice in the expungement movement.

Cannabis and The Fight Against Cancer

Medical Cannabis for Cancer Treatments

Maybe the greatest boon that cannabis can deliver to the cancer patient is its ability to relieve stress and anxiety. Many patients who are going through cancer treatments will suffer bouts of depression and insomnia, and marijuana is well known for its ability to deliver attitude adjustments and restful nights.

Schumer’s Gambit

Federal Reform Probable … Possible … Could Happen

For political junkies, the meat of the bill isn’t even the hot topic yet. Currently, our overriding question is “Why now?” Schumer is a career politician who has been slinking around the halls of Congress since the ’80s, interrupting people mid-sentence and calling himself and being a self-described “angry centrist.”

Real Estate Prices Get Cannabis Boost

Pot Legalization Drives Market Contact High

Licensed cannabis dispensaries are so en vogue around much of the nation it’s like having a coffee shop in the neighborhood that might be selling a variety of gift items, yoga mats and Obama Kush, a cannabis indica strain that “channels the president’s famous message of ‘change’ as it invigorates and […]

Weekly Canna: Limits Here To Stay

Officials Say Plant Limits Won't Increase For Now

Health Secretary Tracie Collins and Regulation and Licensing Superintendent Linda Trujillo wrote a letter confirming that the purchase limits for patients would not be increasing until after the recreational market is established.


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