Psychedelic Revolution

More States Consider Psilocybin Reform

Lawmakers from nearly a dozen states have introduced psychedelic reform legislation since the new year began.

Blunts: Tech Companies Ease Up

Cannabis News

As attitudes toward cannabis change across the country, tech giants Twitter and Google have shifted to allow more marijuana-related content.

FDA Considers CBD Regulation

Decision Could Come Within Months

n a huge win for advocates, the U.S. FDA says it will be reviewing hemp-derived CBD regulations within the next few months.

The Trouble With Expungement

Courts Call For Legislative Action

Under New Mexico’s Cannabis Regulation Act, prior marijuana arrests are supposed to be automatically expunged. But the state’s courts say that the task is too much for them to handle.

Legalization Reroutes Drug Trade

Cartels Change Shipping Routes

As more states sharing a border with Mexico legalize cannabis, illegal drug cartels south of the border are being forced to change their patterns to make up for lost revenue. Since the legalization of cannabis in California, Arizona and New Mexico, Texas has taken the lead as the state seizing the…

Last Chance For SAFE Banking Failed

Banking Bill Faces Lame Duck Trials

The chance that we’ll see SAFE Banking or a SAFE Plus cannabis bill package passed before the end of the session is becoming less likely as the year comes to a close. Is there no hope for cannabis before the new Congress convenes?

Blunts: Griner Released

Cannabis News

Basketball star Brittney Griner was released from Russian prison in a prisoner exchange. Why are some people upset about it?


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