It’s usually pretty tough to buy the perfect gifts for your friends and family. But it’s a breeze when they’re weed-lovers. Just drop on by your favorite Albuquerque dispensary or head shop and you’ll find tons of stuff that they’ll just flip over. The only problem is that there might be too much to choose from!

Are you overwhelmed with ideas and looking for a place to start? Here are a few gift ideas to help make this the perfect holiday for the pothead in your life.


Everyone loves pipes and bongs, and for most stoners, the collection is never finished. Yes. It’s totally OK to give someone yet another piece of glass even though they clearly have more than enough already. But make absolutely sure that the piece you give them is unique, interesting and pretty to look at. That shouldn’t be too hard to do with all the great head shops in the city. Some of our favorite local glass was made at High Desert Flameworks (7208 Jefferson NE Ste. B).


If the target of your gift-giving operation is more into dabbing wax than smoking herb, you can always get them a rig. Dabbing rigs can be expensive and are a much more niche accessory than pipes or bongs—so gifting a dab rig is some top-tier, next-level business. You can find rigs anywhere you can find pipes or bongs, but make sure to talk to a sales associate before you buy if you aren’t familiar with them.

Growing Equipment

Now that cannabis cultivation is legal in New Mexico, many ganja fanatics are starting to grow their own weed at home. If your loved one has a green thumb and is looking to get into this hobby, you can’t do better than AHL Garden Supply (1051 San Mateo SE) and Hydro Lyfe (5805 Menaul NE). Whether they need lights, soil, fertilizer or any other tools, you can find all the growing essentials at these local shops.

Stash Boxes

Thanks to legalization, pot smokers no longer have to hide their paraphernalia in shame. Now they can just leave it out in the open. But there’s just something about having a special place to stash all your weed and smoke toys. This special hiding spot is known as a “stash box” to all you newbies. And it can come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. From ornate, hinged wooden chests to empty cigar boxes—if it’s got a lid and a place to hide your dope, it’s a stash box. The best stash boxes can be found at antique stores and garage sales. Be creative!

Papers and Wraps

The cornerstones of a good stash box stash (other than the weed, of course) are papers and blunts. Any weed enthusiast worth their salt will say that you can never have enough papers on deck. Head down to our favorite head shops, Just Urban (1319 San Mateo NE) and Up In Smoke (9250 Golf Course NW) and see if you can build the perfect grab bag of rolling accessories. There are so many flavors and styles, your head will spin—and they’re all cheap!

Rolling Machines

But who’s kidding whom? Rolling perfect joints can be a Herculean task for some stoners. What good is a pack of papers if they can’t manage to roll anything that smokes? Luckily, the cannabis engineers of yesteryear already designed a tool that takes all the stress and work out of rolling a spliff: The rolling machine. For less than $5, your loved one will be able to roll perfect cannabis cigarettes in seconds. You can find tons of variations on the machine from various companies online and at every head shop.


Keeping your weed fresh is more important than you think. When flower is exposed to air, THC converts to CBN, a cannabinoid that makes users drowsy. Keeping cannabis in an air-tight container will keep it fresh and tasty as well as maintaining its cannabinoid profile for longer. Try gifting a nice tinted glass stash jar to the head on your gift list. It’s not the flashiest gift, but they’ll thank you for it in the long run. Suitable jars can be found at most hobby and department stores.


One aspect of cannabis that seems to appeal to just about everybody is the health benefits of using CBD. That means a CBD basket will make a great gift for almost anyone on your shopping list. Check out the great selection at My CBD Shop (7900 San Pedro NE Ste. C4) to find the perfect product to bring ease and relaxation to your friends and family.


We’ve all been there: It’s two in the morning, you’re smoking a spliff and a sudden gnawing hunger hits you like a freight train. The munchies have struck again. The only problem is that your pantry is bare and there are no empty calories anywhere to be found. But lo! Someone has bestowed upon you a gift basket of disgusting goodies that are just waiting to satiate those terrible munchies. It’s a holiday miracle.


There’s one gift you can give that will never miss: Plain old weed. Now that it’s legal to give away weed (the recipient has to be older than 21 and the amount must be less than the legal limit of two ounces of flower, 16 grams of cannabis extract and 800 milligrams of edibles) the holidays just became exquisitely simple. Drop a gram or two on your friend or loved one and just watch the smiles break out. If you’ve been good all year, they might even share it with you.