The drama surrounding Cowboys for Trump leader and former Otero County Commissioner Couy Griffin is far from over. On Dec. 15, the New Mexico 12th Division court held a hearing between Griffin and appointed County Commissioner Stephanie Dubois, who filed for a restraining order against Griffin after a tense public comments session in the November Otero County Commission meeting. 

Dubois said she made the order after an incident that happened during a county commission meeting on Nov. 10. During that meeting, Griffin made comments towards Dubois during a public comment period. An argument then ensued between both parties, involving shouts and harsh words. Griffin began his comment by saying “Looking at you, Stephanie, up here is a total disgrace.” Dubois responded by saying “You’re a criminal, shut up.” Griffin was ultimately escorted out by sheriff’s deputies.

The verbal quarrel wasn’t the only incident that happened according to Dubois. She said Griffin was waiting for her on his horse as she exited the building and he kept her from reaching her car. The restraining order however only outlined the events of that day when it was filed.

The hot-potato hearing was virtual and not an in-person hearing with a judge brought in from out of the area because all members of the local judiciary recused themselves from the case or had a full docket.

The hearing was originally scheduled for December 5 to be heard in front of Judge Shannon Murdock. The filing of a restraining order is a serious action by a public official on a constituent, even one that is a former county commissioner.

The hearing was then postponed to December 15 as Commissioner Dubois requested a continuance and Griffin filed for a dismissal. The restraining order was ultimately dismissed.