Tortuga Art Gallery, know for its art shows, dance showcases, poetry and more, has announced the stimulating “Let’s Get Metaphysical” art show on display during the month of October. 

From Oct. 7 to Oct. 29, patrons of the gallery can enjoy “metaphysical explorations from the microscopic to the metagalactic, and from the soma to the psyche,” announced the gallery in a press release. The art show will display the works of: Caitlin Padilla, Carol Roullard, Denise Weaver Ross, Diane Arthur, Jenn DeSantis, Jona Lou Batt, KD Neeley, Roe LiBretto and Sonia Luévano Campbell.

“The walls are going to be covered in art. And each artist is distinctly different, but they all fit the theme of metaphysical,” gallery co-owner Pax Garcia said. 

The show, which will feature an estimated 100 paintings from the artists, will kickoff with a reception on Oct. 7 from 5pm – 8pm. One of the artists, Carol Roullard, gave insight into the show’s theme. “A group of artists formed an online gallery called Metaphysical Art Gallery. So when we decided to create this show, we used our theme, Metaphysical, and developed the show’s name,” she said.

“Nebula” by KD Neeley Credit: Courtesy Tortuga Gallery

“We spend a lot of time trying to make a good presentation. Our lighting is very good, we have a lot of open space, we have space for performances, but we try to develop a theme within all the paintings that come in and to try and display them in the best light and give the artists a real good sense of personal touch,” Garcia said. 

Art viewers also will have the opportunity to have a conversation with the featured artists on Oct. 22 from 2pm – 4pm. Artists will be available to answer questions and tell viewers about their art and inspirations. 

“I believe very strongly that I want my art to reach the viewer’s spiritual and physical core. It does for me and it’s my goal to help others gain a positive wellbeing from my art, whether they feel invigorated or calmed,” Roullard said.

The art show will come to an end with a closing reception on Oct. 29 from 5pm – 8pm.