Credit: Photo by Josiah Ward


You don’t have to spend a long time in Corrales to recognize the importance placed on community in the Village. This sense of community crosses borders as the Corrales Bosque Gallery donates profits from some art pieces to aid relief in Ukraine. 

The quiet streets of Corrales are a stark contrast to the war-torn cities in Ukraine as Russia continues to violently attack the country. Proposed by Juan Wijngaard, a member of the gallery, the Ukraine relief fund now gives artists the option to donate profits from their art to Razom Inc. “It was set up spontaneously after the invasion occurred,”  Wijngaard stated. 

Wijngaard explained that Razom, which means “together” in Ukrainian, was chosen as the beneficiary because they are “involved with helping people on the ground, instead of with weaponry.” According to Razom’s website they provide “Critical humanitarian war relief and recovery depending on the most urgent needs as they evolve.” 

That togetherness extended to Ukraine is also nurtured within the gallery. 

The Corrales Bosque Gallery has called the village home for the last 28 years. Since they have opened their doors, they have been a member-operated cooperative. 

“Our cooperative works kind of like your average dysfunctional family. We all do different things. We all have different talents,” said gallery President Rachel Reed Dusoff.

The different talents displayed in the gallery are hard to miss. The gallery currently presents the works of 13 local artists, ranging from photographs, pottery, sculptures, paintings, jewelry and more.

“We all work together to maintain a high level of fine art and make it interesting for people who walk in off the street,” Dusoff said. 

Aside from producing art for the gallery, artists are also tasked with operating the gallery’s day-to-day business, aiding the gallery financially and guiding the gallery’s direction. “We have a president, vice president, and executive board. And then the rest of us fill in doing the the things that need to be done in the gallery.. We all sit shifts to man the front desk, and we pay dues,” Dusoff stated. Dusoff also explained that artists are charged a membership fee when they join the gallery and are required to give 20% of their profits to the gallery. “That’s the standard,” Dusoff said. “There’s maybe a more familial aspect to it, because we all work together to keep the doors open.” 

The gallery is also  preparing for the annual Corrales Art Studio Tour by the Corrales Society of Artists. “The gallery is a member of the Corrales Society of Artists, and therefore, as a gallery member, our members are on site for the tour.” While some of the galleries artists plan on opening up their studios for the tour, some will present their art at the gallery instead.

The Corrales Art Studio Tour is scheduled to take place on Aug. 27-28 from 10am-5pm. A full schedule of events can be found at

The Corrales Bosque Gallery can be found at 4685 Corrales Road Corrales, New Mexico. And a full list of artists and further information can be found at