By Josiah Ward

Earlier this month, Yelp, the trendy business review website and app, named the top 25 places to eat in Albuquerque. On their list? 2 G’s Bistro. 

2 G’s Bistro sits on historic Central Ave. in a relatively inconspicuous building. The bistro opened its doors in March 2017 and since then they have served a range of foods–from New Mexican classics like enchiladas and green chile stew to international dishes such as ahi tuna and New Zealand meat pies. “If you look at our menu, it’s very different all across the board. We all influence different parts,” said Casey Garrigan, co-owner. The wide-ranging menu is a product of Garrigan’s experiences in his grandmother’s kitchen and professional ones; along with the input, ideas and experiences of his business partner John Gonzales and line cook Donovan Gonzales.

Garrigan found out that his restaurant made the list thanks to a text from a friend. “It was pretty cool. It’s very humbling, too. Everyone who goes into the restaurant business thinks their food is better than everyone else’s. I’ve never had that mentality. Now I do an okay job, but I never expected to get the kind of response we have gotten from here,” he said.

This is not the first time the bistro was featured on a ranked list from Yelp. In 2018, after only a few months of operating, the restaurant was ranked number 21 in Albuquerque. 

Garrigan credits the restaurant’s success to the methods they use. “I make everything I possibly can from scratch, I season aggressively, which a lot of people don’t, I try to do everything traditionally, the way it should be done. We don’t ever cut cost on product or worry about labor, or take shortcuts. We do it the way it should be done every time.” 

While this is the first restaurant that Garrigan has owned, he has a lot of experience in the restaurant industry. Garrigan started at age 13, working in a small restaurant in the Albuquerque metro area. “If there is a position in a restaurant, I’ve probably worked that position for at least a couple of days,” he said. He’s been a dishwasher, server, general manager, bartender and line cook, to name a few hats. 

A knack for the industry runs in the family. Garrigan’s twin brother, James Carrigan, has two restaurants of his own: Upscale Burgers and Shakes in Albuquerque and Lily and Liam’s Bistro in Rio Rancho. 

2 G’s Bistro does not do any advertising, does not have a social media presence, nor do they have a fully functional website. “We want to grow and become more successful, but I’m not trying to make a million dollars. As long as I have enough to survive on and I can take care of my family, I don’t ever want to cut corners or take on more business than we can handle.” Happy in his own place, Garrigan loves the science of food and wants to use his skills to brighten other people’s days.