While it might be clear to most New Mexicans that a county cannot flout state laws and get away with it (see “SOS Files Lawsuit Against Otero County”), Otero County commissioners think that they can declare their county a haven against those laws. Here in part is their latest proposal:

“That the Board of County Commissioners of Otero County, New Mexico, hereby recognizes and declares the full humanity of the preborn child through all [stages] of life up and until a natural death and declares Otero County, New Mexico, to be a sanctuary for life where the dignity of every human being will be defended and promoted from life inside the womb through all stages of development in life up and until a natural death.”

As “reported” by the conservative blog The Piñon Post (the publisher/writer fashions himself as a major source in the article), Cowboys for Trump founder and Otero County Commissioner Couy Griffin has once again raised the spurious claim that the election was stolen from Trump (even though he claims the former president is a grifter as well) and is once again proposing that ballot boxes be scrapped, that ballots be counted by hand by the county clerk’s office and other requested alterations to New Mexico’s election rules that already have the commissioners in hot water.

The commission will meet at 9am on Thursday, July 14, to discuss both resolutions.