Justin Schatz is The Paper's daily news reporter. He has reported on New Mexico for KRQE News, Searchlight NM and the Santa Fe Reporter.


On Friday, the Albuquerque Police Department (APD) was called to former state representative and former Albuquerque Public Schools administrator Sheryl Williams Stapleton’s residence, which later resulted in a 12-hour SWAT standoff with Williams’s son David Lee Hendrickson.

The scene was in a neighborhood near Carlisle Blvd. and Gibson Dr. SE. Hendrickson has a history of run-ins with law enforcement, including breaking and entering, indecent exposure, battery and drugs.

The scene that unfolded on Friday resulted from an arrest warrant issued on March 25, after Hendrickson’s GPS went offline. His latest run-in with the law was in January after it was reported that he pointed a gun at drivers on Kathryn and San Mateo Blvd SE.

Hendrickson was taken into custody yesterday evening for a felony warrant for aggravated assault.

Last year, Williams Stapleton was charged with crimes of embezzlement during her time at APS, after the Attorney General investigated Williams Stapleton’s financial relationship and an alleged kickback scheme with a vendor for APS that has been paid millions of dollars. She has pleaded not guilty and is awaiting trial.