The trucker “freedom” convoy passed through Albuquerque on Friday on its to Washington DC. Inspired by truckers and protestors in Canada, who shut down several blocks in the Canadian capital of Ottawa, truckers from around the country are aiming to converge on the nation’s capital to emulate last month’s events.

The convoy hopes to protest any further actions by the federal government for vaccine requirements. The trucker convoy in Canada protested a requirement by the Canadian government for any truckers commuting from the US to Canada to have proof of vaccination or a “vaccine passport.”

A few Albuquerque residents showed their support for the convoy as it passed through the city. Beginning on the overpass near the Winrock Mall, opponents of the vaccine and of the Biden Administration gathered. Signs ranged from “freedom,” “Fuck Biden,” and “Pro-life.”

The rhetoric from the crowd that had gathered included pro-life and bodily autonomy. They were united by a distrust of the federal government and vaccinations.

The Paper. asked those attending why they were there and what they wanted.

Video By Justin Schatz