This story is a staff report from The Paper.


On Monday afternoon, Albuquerque Police officers in the Foothhills Area Command are responded to reports of a possible active shooter. Officers encountered two people shot in the area of Tramway Blvd. and Montgomery Blvd. NE, and immediately notified residents to stay inside their homes for safety.

Upon arrival, officers found one female deceased in a car and 2 others injured. All three victims are believed to have been shot by the same offender. Officers encountered the offender at a nearby house. After exiting the residence, a confrontation ensued and an officer-involved shooting occurred. The offender died, and two handguns were found at the scene.

Both officers were treated onsite for non-threatening injuries, and the offender was killed by police. No information was provided on either the female victim or the offender. The names of the officers were not released.

This is an ongoing scene, The Paper. will continue to post updates.