Pink daisy with green leaves and two weddings rings nestled on top

It’s high time weddings weren’t just about alcohol. With states passing legal cannabis laws right and left, many couples are considering incorporating weed into their wedding day. Just think…groomsmen with little bud boutonnieres and the wedding couple giving out joints as gifts for everyone. Not too many wedding planners are on top of this new trend so you may be on your own when it comes to integrating cannabis and all things bud into your big day.

When doing weed-wedding reception planning, do your legal homework. Not many traditional venues will be 420 friendly, so consider hosting the party at a house. Many states have put a legal age of majority on cannabis possession, sale and distribution. See if it’s conceivable, and then consider who’s attending your reception and how they’ll feel about Mary Jane showing up as a wedding guest. If you’re considering a destination wedding, be up to date on recreational marijuana laws.

Keep in mind many people who would prefer not to be exposed to second-hand smoke of any kind. Have a designated area at the venue for guests to take a toke, and especially consider hosting it outside in a lounge area so guests can lay back and chat with each other.

You could clearly advertise it will be a “green” wedding or opt for a small disclaimer at the bottom of your invitation. Guests will appreciate the warning. Use signage at the wedding to indicate bud usage and limit it to certain smoke zones. Create a bud boutonniere for the groom, and your bud bouquet could use cannabis leaf as greenery. Consider coordinating the whole bridal party.

When the “munchies” develop, be sure there’s plenty to snack on throughout the evening, even after a big meal. Consider hiring a Budtender or someone to be a joint roller. Remember, not everyone will want to smoke at your reception. Plan on having the traditional beverage bar so every guest is happy.

If it feels like too much of a hassle to keep Mom, Dad, Grumpy Gramps, your sister Julie and Uncle Joe from having a heart attack seeing weed smoked on your big day, think about hosting a Bud Party the night before and invite only those who would like to participate.

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Gwynne Ann Unruh is an award-winning reporter formerly of the Alamosa Valley Courier, an independent paper in southern Colorado, and other publications. She has taught and  practiced alternative healing methods for over thirty-five years.