Alina Pozas Self papermache mask

The works of homeless artists and other community creatives are on exhibit at Harwood Art Center in a group meditation on the word “Unmasked.” That’s the name of the show that marks 25 years of cooperation between Harwood and ArtStreet, a division of Albuquerque Healthcare for the Homeless.

“This partnership has lived beyond changes in executive directors and staff,” said Helen Atkins, associate director of opportunity at Harwood. “We’re really excited this year. We support [ArtStreet] with our exhibit packages and the money from all sales goes to the artists themselves.”

The theme for this year’s display is a play on identity and the masks we all wear–before, during and presumably beyond COVID-19. In October, ArtStreet Studio Assistant Alina Pozas held a two-day workshop in mask making with multimedia like papier-mâché, mesh, found objects and glue. You can wander in and observe the artwork hanging now, or join others (masked and vaxxed) at the opening reception on Feb. 5 from 4:30-6:30pm.

“Every piece right now gets its place to shine and we will be adding tables with other pieces for sale at the opening,” Atkins said.

ArtStreet is part of Albuquerque Healthcare for the Homeless and gives community members a chance to gather, share their stories and make art. Last year, they were unable to open their 11-year themed exhibit Recycled Heart at Harwood due to the pandemic, so this opportunity is particularly joyful for both organizations.


Top image: David RossilloAnaya, “Switch”

Acrylic Byron King, “State of the Union”

Cover Image: Aliza Pozas, “Self”