An eclectic combination of reggae, jazz and pop, South Florida-based band Artikal Sound System is currently on tour across the Southwest.

First founded over a decade ago by Chris Montague (guitar) and Fabian Acuña (bass), the band has been adding members ever since, including Christopher Cope (keys), Adam Kampf (drummer) and Logan Rex (vocals). The band’s vocalist spoke with The Paper. about their upcoming show at the Launchpad. We also talked about their recent success, the band’s influences and where the road is taking them.

“We’re five best friends making music together and traveling around the country,” Rex said when asked about the band’s dynamics.

She noted that the band embraces a Caribbean background with a great sense of roots reggae. Although officially a reggae band, many of their songs express the bands’ diverse backgrounds from a host of different genres. One of their most listened-to tracks, “Too Stoned,” embraces an acoustic approach to love, drugs and healing. Mesmeric beats combined with clever and nuanced lyrics are key to Artikal Sound System’s appeal to a diverse audience.

For reggae and pop lovers, Artikal Sound System has no shortage of lively and spirited tracks. “Easy Road,” which also happens to be their top track on Spotify, embraces traditional reggae beats with lyrics that meditate on nostalgia, navigating relationships and moving on. Artikal’s traditional reggae roots are evident in almost all of their work. Complimented by notes of jazz and pop, the band is a perfect fit for the Launchpad.

“There’s some pop sensibilities; there’s some electronic drums that keep it driving and almost adds a hip-hop touch,” Rex said.

Artikal Sound System is set to play at Launchpad on Tuesday, Feb. 8 as part of the Bumpin Uglies Slow Burn Winter Tour. Doors open 7 and tickets are $15 at