This story is a staff report from The Paper.

New Mexico state health officials on Tuesday announced 1,887 new positive cases of COVID-19. They say it’s the highest number of recorded cases since Christmas Eve last year.

Here are the COVID stats so far: 316,089 cases since the pandemic began. On Wednesday, 12 new COVID-related deaths were announced, bringing the total to 5,379. As of December 1, there are 643 people hospitalized in New Mexico for COVID-19. This number may include people who have tested positive for COVID-19 out of state but are currently hospitalized in New Mexico. This number does not include New Mexicans who tested positive for COVID-19 and may have been transferred to a hospital out of state.

Health officials say they are monitoring the new Omicron variant, as the first case in the U.S. was recorded on Wednesday. The Delta variant is still tracking as the most infectious variant for patients who are hospitalized.