The Albuquerque City Council has two new members to swear in come January. In the runoff election for two districts, Democrat Tammy Fiebelkorn won 61.78 percent of the vote in the westside’s District 7 over conservative Lori Robertson. In District 9, which represents the SE Heights, Republican Renee Grout defeated Democrat Rob Grilley by a smaller margin, grabbing 51.69 percent of the vote in that district.

We’ll be watching how these results impact the leadership of the city council. Republicans needed to win both seats in the runoff in order to win a majority. Democrats will retain a majority at 5 to 4. The new council includes 5 Democrats (Isaac Benton, Pat Davis, Klarissa Peña, and newcomers Tammy Fiebelkorn and Louie Sanchez) and 3 Republicans (Trudy Jones, Brook Bassan, and Dan Lewis).

The new councilors will be sworn in in January 2022.

This story is a staff report from The Paper.