A New Mexico state judge recently ruled that purchase limits placed on patients enrolled in the state’s Medical Cannabis Program will remain in place despite contrary limits for adult-use marijuana.

According to NM Political Report, a patient petitioned the court to give medical cannabis patients the same purchase limitations as adult-use consumers. The state currently limits patient purchases to eight ounces of dried flower in a rolling three-month period. But under the new Cannabis Regulation Act that went into effect earlier this year, adults over 21 are allowed to purchase up to two ounces of adult-use flower at a time with no limit as to how much cannabis can be stored at home.

“Petitioner has failed to establish that he, as well as qualified patients, qualified caregivers and reciprocal patients, have a clear legal right to purchase an additional two-ounces of medical cannabis, tax free, at this time, under the Cannabis Regulation Act,” wrote Second Judicial District Court Judge Benjamin Chavez in his decision.

Patients will still be able to purchase additional adult-use marijuana once they reach their medical cannabis limits, but they will not be able to purchase it tax-free.

White House Comments on Decriminalization

Here’s a holiday treat for federal cannabis offenders. The Biden administration says it has “every intention” of using its clemency powers. This is the first sign that President Joe Biden might follow through on his promise to decriminalize cannabis since he took office a year ago—although details are nearly nonexistent.

During a press briefing last week, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki was asked if the president planned on using his power to grant pardons or commutations, and she told reporters that the White House was “looking at nonviolent drug offenders,” but refrained from making any other comments about the issue.

During the presidential race, Vice President Kamala Harris promised that if Biden were elected, the administration would “decriminalize marijuana, and we will expunge the records of those who have been convicted of marijuana.”

Early in Biden’s first year in office, the vice president backpedaled and told reporters that the administration was too busy dealing with other crises to address cannabis policy.

State Holds Hearing on Cannabis Regulations

The New Mexico Cannabis Control Division (CCD) will be holding a public hearing Dec. 30 to discuss rules for labeling and marketing adult-use marijuana products as well as health and safety standards.

The rulemakers will be proposing industry requirements related to packing, labeling and commercial display of cannabis products. They will also discuss advertising and marketing requirements for licensees. The CCD will also be proposing rules to address health and safety standards for cannabis products—particularly edibles.

The CCD is accepting public comments submitted by the end of the meeting through email or virtually at ccd.rld.state.nm.us.