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On Saturday, Oct. 30, the son of former New Mexico State Senator Steve Komadina was killed in his home in Corrales. Spencer Komadina, 46, was shot by his roommate, Joel Ray.

Police say Ray called 911 on Saturday evening, who told the dispatcher, “I’m having a bad day, I shot my roommate.” Police found Komadina inside the home unresponsive. Ray has been booked into Sandoval County Detention Center on first-degree murder charges.

Komadina was a partner in Southwest Organic Producers, a medical cannabis company.

Steve Komadina served on the State Senate for Sandoval County from 2001 to 2008. He posted a statement on his son’s passing on his Facebook page.

“It is with sadness we tell our friends that our wonderful son Spencer Komadina was murdered on October 30th. He was a wonderful and loving father a loyal brother and a person with a life full of friends. What is done is done and now we will move on with many memories of cherished times over the 46 years. His three children were his pride and joy and he would do anything for them. They have all excelled. Reed, Ava and Porter, we love you and will try to fill Spencer’s big shoes.”  

Corrales Police say this is the first homicide in the village since 2002.

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This story is a staff report from The Paper.