Justin Schatz is The Paper's daily news reporter. He has reported on New Mexico for KRQE News, Searchlight NM and the Santa Fe Reporter.


Rage Against The Norm Fitness Studio, a new “radically inclusive” gym near UNM, has recently opened for business. Located on Harvard Dr. and Lead Ave. SE near Duggans Coffee, the inclusive space was founded by Irene (Pants) Entila, who also serves as a fitness instructor. What makes the fitness studio stand out from other traditional gyms in Albuquerque is its mission to offer a safe and educational environment for the BIPOC, LGBTQ+ affirming, disability informed and Health at Every Size communities.

In an interview with The Paper. Entila noted that the motivation for opening a fitness studio that emphasized inclusivity was from community feedback about the current state of recreational spaces in the city. “Talking to folks in the community, there was a need for a space like this. Not a lot of people feel comfortable in traditional gyms,” Entila said. 

“Rage Against The Norm is a sliding-scale fitness space that is basically for individuals who have historically not felt welcomed by the conventional industry. It’s a radically inclusive business, meaning that we don’t tolerate homophobia, sexism, ageism, transphobia, fatphobia and any sort of discrimination and harassment,” Entila said. Part of Rage Against The Norm’s mission is to eliminate historical barriers to joining a gym, including financial barriers. Their sliding-scale memberships are determined by each individual’s income and how much they can afford. 

The gym also incorporates a great deal of education into their fitness classes. “What sets us apart from other gyms is that, depending on the member’s learning style, I explain how to do certain moves according to their learning styles.” As a fitness trainer at the gym, Entila focuses on providing choices for members to get the most out of their fitness classes depending on the needs of the individual. “It’s a hybrid education and fitness center. If a member doesn’t understand a particular concept, then I explain in a different way,” Entila added.

Entila also offers off-site fitness classes. Due to the relatively small space that the gym occupies, Entila’s services have been contracted off-site. They are currently the trainer for Albuquerque’s Elevated Roller Derby. 

The primary services offered by the gym include group classes and group training. More information about their class schedule can be found on their website.