This story is a staff report from The Paper.


The Paper. asks the candidates to explain why they are running for office and explain solutions to issues in our city in their own words. We have included their full responses, with very little editing. There are three City Council candidates running for District 9. Byron K. Powdrell and Renee Grout did not respond to the questionnaire.

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Please introduce yourself.

Rob Grilley Jr. : My name’s Rob Grilley, my background is in early childhood education as well as community and non-profit work and over the last several years I’ve seen a decline in my community. I’m running because we need a serious and dedicated councilor that is going to put in the hard work needed to reverse these trends; while being open, transparent, accountable, and available to the people of District 9. Right now we can’t handle even one term of an idle city councilor.

What are the root causes of crime and how would you address them?

The root causes of crime are poverty and opportunity. Addressing poverty is an enormous task that needs to be done through education, community support, and many other factors. Replenishing our law enforcement agencies is how we can address the opportunities to commit crime. The DOJ mandates need to stop being adjusted and work to resolution. I’d then encourage longer officer tenure with our city through degree credit programs, scaling pay and benefits higher with time, and other incentives.

What policy would you change to end homelessness in Albuquerque?

I would push city hall to implement a fully clear and laid out continuum of care approach to the problem. Instead of services being provided ad-hoc all over the city, implementing a step by step plan where an individual is without a home at Point A, then following clearly defined steps that address any contingent issues (Are they a vet? Are they on medication? Etc), the final point is a place of security and independence; a home paid for by a job they are now working.

Every district is unique. What is one challenge that you will tackle that will help the people living and working in your district?

Economic Disparities between areas, and the problems that has caused. Literally one side of Tramway versus the other have neighborhoods and communities that have had wildly different access to city services and resources; and now following COVID the problems that has caused are spreading. Most of our district’s issues are interconnected to this. By tackling this one issue our streets will be cleaner and safer, properties will be easier to maintain, and businesses will be easier to attract.

Will you vote for the proposal to bond $50M of public dollars to construct a multi-use stadium that the NM United USL soccer team will primarily use?


Would you support repealing Albuquerque’s immigrant-friendly policy?


Would you support a repeal of the city’s ban on single-use plastic bags?


Do you support making fare-free transit permanent in Albuquerque?