This story is a staff report from The Paper.


The Paper. asks the candidates to explain why they are running for office and explain solutions to issues in our city in their own words. We have included their full responses, with very little editing. There are three City Council candidates running for District 5. Former City Councilor Dan Lewis and Phillip Ramirez did not respond to the questionnaire.

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The Paper.: Please introduce yourself.

Cynthia Borrego (incumbent): I am a proud native New Mexican and a two time UNM graduate—with a Bachelor’s of Science in Education and a Master’s in Public Administration. I am the incumbent City Council President since 2019, while simultaneously serving as Vice-Chair of the Mid-Region Council of Governments Transportation Board 2021. I am the previous PERA Chair. I am running to create a better public safety department, address homelessness, and finish the critical infrastructure projects I have initiated.

What are the root causes of crime and how would you address them?

I believe that the root causes of crime are a lack of jobs, addiction to drugs, and a lack of economic development for the middle class. Domestic abuse and poverty also contribute to crime as children at young ages experience these problems. I am working to address these issues through violence intervention programs, the new public safety department, and outreach. I look to strengthen these programs by working with inter-agency cooperation—Federal, State, and Local public safety departments.

What policy would you change to end homelessness in Albuquerque?

I will work to create a stronger network between homeless providers and eliminate the competition for funding for these agencies. The voters have spoken by providing $14m for the Gateway Center and I will continue to support that program. We need to support stronger networks between Federal, State, and County resources so we can all work together to address this critical community issue.

Every district is unique. What is one challenge that you will tackle that will help the people living and working in your district?

I will continue to fight for the needed infrastructure in my district. I have already obtained over $55m for Paseo, Unser, McMahon, Westside, and Paradise Blvds. We need to ensure these projects are completed because they are public safety issues, as well as infrastructure and economic issues. I will also continue to develop and re-develop our park infrastructure, and fund programs for our youth.

Will you vote for the proposal to bond $50M of public dollars to construct a multi-use stadium that the NM United USL soccer team will primarily use?


Would you support repealing Albuquerque’s immigrant-friendly policy?


Would you support a repeal of the city’s ban on single-use plastic bags?


Do you support making fare-free transit permanent in Albuquerque?