On Tuesday, Albuquerque residents gathered outside of Q Station in Nob Hill to oppose the collaborative work space’s relationship with the domestic weapon industry. Around 30 people gathered outside of Q Station in protest.

“They’re using Q-Station as a vehicle to try to pull young people and businesses into the weapons industry,” organizer for the ANSWER Coalition Karina Rodgers said. Rodgers says that Q Station markets itself as a collaborative space for businesses, but they are really a front for the domestic weapons industry here in New Mexico.

“We don’t want our money poured into the weapons industry. We don’t want New Mexico to be the next center of weapons development like it was during the Manhattan era,” Rodgers said.

According to Q Station’s website, the businesses and individuals who use the space are “private science, tech, aerospace and directed energy industry partners, government entities, economic development organizations, individuals dedicated to the enhancement of technology locally, nationally and internationally.” Partners of Q Station include New Mexico International Alliance, AFRL New Mexico Tech Engagement Office, New Space New Mexico, Albuquerque One, and New Mexico Tech.

Rodgers and others at the protest were adamant that they believe that Q Station and its relationship to the weapons industry has no place in Albuquerque.”We’re here today to say that money and the minds should be used for the people. It should be used to end homelessness. It should be used to solve the housing crises, jobs, and being poured into the communities rather than creating more weapons for wars abroad,” Rodgers said. “The wars don’t serve the working class here at home. They don’t serve the people. They just serve the one percent.”

Q Station is located in Nob Hill off of Central Ave. and Wellesley Dr. Several drivers who drove by the protest on Wednesday afternoon showed their support by honking their horns and shouting words of encouragement for those in attendance.