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Epic. There are few places that have a food so iconic that it straight-up deserves a category all its own. Best Arizona Cuisine? Oh, hell no! So to be named in this lineup is a testament to greatness. Our flavor is often imitated but never duplicated. A taste built upon the influences of those who traversed this land for the past millennia. Recipes that began in abuela‘s kitchen are now James Beard awardees like Mary & Tito’s. That’s the highest food honor in the land. To be listed here, you better come correct. This year you voted in the best burgers, enchiladas and best burritos in town!

Best Green Chile Cheese Burger

Coveted bragging rights are at stake here. There are many polls taken every year. Hell, N.M. officially has a green chile cheeseburger trail you can follow! Blake’s takes number one—although, some days, I feel like they’re losing hold of that spot. Surprisingly, Vegos comes up third with a vegan option! So watch your back, Blake’s, fake beef is coming up strong!

1.) Blake’s Lotaburger

2.) Monte Carlo Liquors & Steak House

3.) Vegos (food truck)

Best Enchiladas

You can rate an entire restaurant on its enchiladas. Everyone has a go-to favorite here—even though it may never compare to your grandmother’s enchiladas. Rolled or flat, red or green, chicken or cheese: here are the best enchiladas in town. These three are undisputed kings of that category.

142 Harvard Dr SE

1.) El Patio De Albuquerque

2.) Sadie’s of New Mexico

3.) Mary & Tito’s Cafe

Best Chile

The holy grail right here. New Mexicans search out this elixir like it adds years to our lives. And it does! Find some chile today and get your vitamin C in the N.M. way. Many claim this title, but few win the awards. Duran holds it down for the heat, and Mary & Tito’s always has great flavor. And when both of them are packed, Sadies is a great substitute.

1815 Central Ave NW

1.) Duran Central Pharmacy

2.) Mary & Tito’s Cafe

3.) Sadie’s of New Mexico

Best Breakfast Burrito

There is nothing better than a soft, warm flour tortilla filled with eggs and potatoes, cheese and chile. The N.M. breakfast burrito is its own food group. If you’re not lucky enough to get one of these silver-wrapped carb bullets as you leave home in the morning, you can find love in the form of breakfast at these places.

1.) Golden Pride

2.) Frontier Restaurant

3.) Blake’s Lotaburger

Best New Mexican

This is like the overall score in Olympics. Best Cheeseburger is the floor routine, and Best Enchilada is the uneven bars. Nonetheless, all eyes are on the overall score! Imagine eating at these establishments, Tina Turner’s “Simply the Best” blasting as your fork cuts a path through a chile relleno. “Better than all the rest” is where these establishments rank. And considering they have ranked high in other categories, these are clearly the masters of their craft. 

1815 Central Ave NW

1.) Duran Central Pharmacy

2.) Sadie’s of New Mexico

3.) Mary & Tito’s Cafe