Jonathan Sims is a media producer and former appointed official at the Pueblo of Acoma. He covers news and writes a column on Indigenous People's issues for The Paper.


Sweet tooths unite! Remember biting into a fresh doughnut as a kid? Tres leches cakes and conchas? Looking into the rotating glass tower filled with pie slices at the local restaurant? Few things make an impact in our memory like sweets do. And there is no lack of places to get your sweet tooth on in ABQ. Next year we need to add paletas and ice cream. From cakes to milkshakes, pies and beyond, you voted, and these places are tops. So get ready for that blood sugar to spike. A la modies, here are the best sweets in town!

Best Cupcakes

What is better than a cake? A tiny cake! Easy transport and easy consumption. This is a competitive field! Cutthroat is the cupcake marketplace these days. Local standout Cake Fetish is all-natural and from scratch every day! Find them off Louisiana in the Encantada Square.

2665 Louisiana Blvd NE

1.) Cake Fetish

2.) Planty Sweet

3.) Fram’s Desserts

Best Doughnuts

“Time to make the doughnuts.”… If you recognize that line, you are old. Sorry, grandpa, the doughnut game has changed. Much like today’s pot, these doughnuts are stronger and more delicious than ever before. Rebel has you covered on the Westside near Coors and Paseo and Eastside off Wyoming and Candelaria.

2435 Wyoming Blvd NE

1.) Rebel Donuts

2.) Flourish Mobile Bake Co.

3.) Bristol Doughnut Company

Best Milkshakes

These milkshakes bring all of Burque to the yard. Damn right, they’re better than yours. They would teach you, but they would have to charge. Kelis would approve of any of these three delight makers. Central’s 66 Diner keeps it old-school, and the new kid on the block is Rude Boy Cookies.

1405 Central Ave NE

1.) 66 Diner

2.) Rude Boy Cookies

3.) Flying Star Cafe

Best Bakery

This category had me saying, “Eeee, bro, I don’t know.” So many to chose from, so many styles and delicacies. These three are hardcore. Le Chantilly is amazing; not only do they make the finest pastries, they also do lunch just as well! Find them in Hoffmantown Center. 

8216 Menaul Blvd NE  

1.) Le Chantilly Fine Pastries & Wedding Cake Designers

2.) The Burque Bakehouse

3.) Planty Sweet

Best Pies

Remember Heidi’s Pies? I know I jogged someone’s memory right there. And if you want a memorable pie, the type of pie you get seconds of at the potluck, these are the top pie makers in town. This is a tough crowd. Flying Star has consistency and volume, Flourish is nimble and creative, and Sergios is a treasure.

1.) Flying Star Cafe

2.) Flourish Mobile Bake Co.

3.) Sergio’s Bakery & Cafe