Creating sustainable institutions for children’s education creates a myriad of benefits for our community. Children experiencing a quality education creates better and more equitable long-term outcomes for children—particularly those from divergent economic and ethnic backgrounds. Continued investments in these programs cultivate and develop New Mexico’s future leaders.

Best Day Care 

Salam Academy is a member of the New Mexico Child Care and Education Association and is an NCA AdvancED accredited school. Salam Academy serves families with children from infants through high school. It is the only Islamic school in New Mexico but accepts students of all faiths. Their hands-on children’s educational system has established it as one of the state of New Mexico’s most outstanding schools. 

1.) Salam Academy 

2.) St. Luke’s Preschool 

3.) La Puerta de Los Niños 

Best Private School 

Bosque School creates transformative learning experiences that empower a diverse community of students to lead lives of intellectual curiosity, personal integrity and compassionate contribution to a more just world. Their dynamic, immersive, interdisciplinary learning environment challenges each student to think critically, creatively approach problems and collaborate effectively with cultural competence. Experience Bosque Schools by visiting their beautiful 42-acre campus alongside the Rio Grande.

1.) Bosque School

2.) Salam Academy 

3.) Albuquerque Academy 

Best Toy Store 

The Explora Store has an array of hands-on learning tools, gadgets and games that will have your family and friends engaged in the world of science. When you are there, whether you choose to go before or after your visit to Explora Science Center, you can choose from a wide range of educationally stimulating items featuring science, chemistry, building, 4D anatomy sculpture kits, puzzles, art supplies, quirky gifts and much more!

1.) Explora Store

2.) Bricks & Minifigs