Justin Schatz is The Paper's daily news reporter. He has reported on New Mexico for KRQE News, Searchlight NM and the Santa Fe Reporter.


A new beer is set to debut to benefit Storehouse New Mexico through a collaboration with Steel Bender Brewyard, Sierra Blanca Brewing and Second Street Brewery. The new Hazy IPA is named “One For 5” and is the continuation of a partnership between local breweries to support one of the largest food banks in New Mexico.

“Ask any local brewery: Helping our community is part of what makes us tick and is an integral part of these spaces we’ve built. We jump at the chance to take a break from day-to-day production brewing and brew something new with other breweries,” Marketing Director and Co-owner Shelby Chant said. 

“Being able to enlist the help of an audience that not only loves craft beer but is also so community-minded means that we can help Storehouse’s dollars go even farther than the 45,000 people they help feed in N.M. every year. In 2019 ‘One For 5’ partners were able to raise enough money to provide more than 75,000 meals,” Chant added. 

Storehouse Communications Director Jill Beets said that the beer plays a pivotal role in helping Storehouse New Mexico to function at the capacity that they have been during the pandemic. “The local breweries are incredible supporters of all different kinds of nonprofits, and we are blessed at the Storehouse to have great breweries partner on our beer,” Beets said. 

“We actually did a collaborative brew starting three years ago and came up with a name ‘One For 5’ because at the Storehouse every dollar can provide five meals,” Beets said. “At the taprooms, one dollar of every pint goes to us, so each pint that they sell at any of the taprooms will provide five meals.” 

According to Chant, this year’s collaboration will be quintessentially New Mexican.

“This year’s collaboration ‘One For 5’ is a pale ale, brewed with an eye towards keeping it local. Pilsner malt that came from the New Mexico Malting Project was made along with some malted wheat, rolled oats and a touch of light crystal malt, all from N.M. The hops used weren’t grown locally, but both Sabro and Zappa varieties can claim a Neo Mexicanus lineage and trace back to wild hops originally from New Mexico. It has distinctly citrus with grapefruit tones and has some softer fruits and melon notes to add to the complexity,” Chant said.

Storehouse NM is one of New Mexico’s largest food pantries and distributes roughly 1.7 million meals per year and almost 11,000 pounds of food per day. According to the Storehouse, N.M. ranks first in adult hunger and has seen food insecurity significantly increase among adolescents since the pandemic started. According to Beets food-insecurity among New Mexico’s youth has risen from 1 in 4 to 1 in 3. With the help of local businesses and community members supporting Storehouse NM in providing food-insecure New Mexico residents with meals, each dollar goes a long way. 

“One For 5” will debut on Wednesday and can be purchased at Steel Bender, Sierra Blanca and Second Street Brewery locations as well as at Albertsons Market. A full 100 percent of the proceeds will directly benefit Storehouse New Mexico.