A California eatery is charging customers a fee if they wear a mask while ordering.

According to NBC Bay Area the owner of Fiddleheads Cafe in Mendocino, Calif., has posted a sign that reads, “$5 fee added to orders placed while wearing a face mask.” The sign also adds that those boasting about receiving a vaccination will also be charged the fee. Masks are required in restaurants by health officials in the area where the cafe is located.

Owner Chris Castleman told reporters that while some patrons have shown support for the surcharges many have been outraged. He says that the “fees” are optional and are donated to charities for domestic abuse victims.

“Customers either love it or hate it,” he told reporters. “There are people who refuse to pay it; I guess a $5 donation to charity is too much for them. Others have gladly paid it knowing that it goes to a good cause. I don’t force anyone to pay, I give them the freedom of choice, which seems to be a foreign concept in these parts of the country.”

Previously, Castleman has posted signs in the restaurant allegedly offering free vaccine card forgeries. He also previously posted a sign that offered a 50 percent discount to customers who threw their masks in the trash.

In June 2020 Fiddleheads was temporarily closed after receiving a $10,000 citation from Mendocino County health officials.

Woman Found in Storm Drain a Second Time

A woman who was recently found naked in a storm drain in Florida was once again found in a storm drain in Texas.

Lyndsey Kennedy was found in a disheveled state in a Florida storm drain in March after being reported missing weeks earlier. She told authorities that she had gone swimming in a canal and accidentally entered the sewer system, where she became lost. Her mother told reporters that Kennedy suffered from a drug dependency problem and had been known to behave strangely at times.

According to CBS12 in Florida, Kennedy was admitted to a rehab facility in Texas soon after her ordeal, but she went missing after only a week at the clinic. Grand Prairie police officers reportedly spotted the woman near a creek, where she escaped into a storm drain.

Family and friends reportedly left packages of drinks and food at the storm drain and nearby manholes while police attempted to search the sewers for Kennedy. The woman soon emerged from a 6-foot drainpipe where officers were able to collect her and transport her to a hospital. She was placed under a psychiatric hold.

A clip of the video taken during the altercation was uploaded to social media, where it quickly went viral.

Reagan Shooter Posts Love Songs

The man who attempted to assassinate President Ronald Reagan is now performing love songs on YouTube.

John Hinckley Jr. was arrested in 1981 after he shot at Reagan during an assassination attempt, injuring the president, a secret service officer, a police officer and former Press Secretary James Brady. Hinckley claimed he’d attempted to kill Reagan as a gift to actress Jodie Foster. He was found not guilty of murder by reason of insanity and was transferred to psychiatric care. He spent 35 years in a hospital before being released into the care of his mother in Williamsburg, Va. earlier this year.

Hinckley is making headlines once again. However, this time it’s for an artistic endeavor that he’s undertaken. According to CNN Hinckley has been allowed by the courts to post music he has performed on his YouTube channel for the last few years, as long as it has been done anonymously. Last October, however, he asked the court for permission to post his videos under his own name and was granted it.

“I create things I think are good, and like any other artist, I would like to profit from it and contribute more to my family,” he said, according to the court filing. “I feel like I could help my mother and brother out. I could make money from my art.”

“Bobcat” Causes School Evacuation

Officials say that an animal was mistaken for a bobcat at a Pennsylvania high school, leading to a panicked evacuation. The animal turned out to be an average house cat.

According to UPI West Scranton High School students and faculty received the shock of their lives last week when security cameras captured what looked like a bobcat wandering the school hallways. The school was immediately evacuated, and animal control officers were alerted. The officers confirmed that the animal was a bobcat and contacted the Pennsylvania Game Commission.

When agents were finally able to wrangle the cat, they discovered to their relief that the animal was a domestic cat breed known as a Clouded Jack cat, which can look similar to bobcats.

Thanks to a microchip that had been implanted into the cat’s skin, animal rescue workers were able to locate and contact its owners. They said the cat had gone missing around three months earlier.

Boat Bursts Into Flames After Passengers Insult Pride Flag

A boat with passengers who allegedly hurled anti-gay slurs at another boat that was flying the Pride flag unexpectedly caught fire during the incident.

The Seattle Times reports that a group of Washington revelers were celebrating Memorial Day with a boat ride on Moses Lake in Grant County, Wash., when they noticed another boat circling their vessel. When members of the first group witnessed those of the second gesturing offensively and hurling anti-gay insults, they realized that they were being targeted because they were flying a Pride flag.

A passenger on the boat with Pride flag began recording the circling boat in case things escalated when the second vessel suddenly and inexplicably burst into flames.

The passengers of the boat with the Pride flag then sped over to rescue the other passengers. “The passengers were quite rude,” said one of the rescuers, “shouting over us, ignoring my [inquiries] about their well being when on the 911 call and smoking a vape pen on our boat without even so much as asking if they could; several passengers of our boat have asthma.”

Police say it is unclear why the boat caught fire. Authorities are investigating if any criminal acts occurred during the incident.