Justin Schatz is The Paper's daily news reporter. He has reported on New Mexico for KRQE News, Searchlight NM and the Santa Fe Reporter.

July 2021 cover InStyle Magazine featuring Deb Haaland


US Representative, Secretary of Interior, and now fashion icon: Is there anything that Secretary of Interior Deb Haaland can’t do?

Haaland made headlines on June 24 after being featured on Instyle Magazine’s cover adorning traditional Pueblo garments. Haaland, who is also the first indigenous woman to hold the position of Secretary of Interior and the first indigenous cabinet member, held nothing back in her photoshoot. She appeared on the cover in outfits that honored her Pueblo heritage.

Haaland also made headlines this last week after addressing the troubled history of native american boarding schools in the United States. The progressive former state representative from New Mexico has already redefined the role and influence of the Secretary of Interior. She has also recommended that the Biden Administration roll back the Trump Administrations’ reductions of National monuments.

You can see more of Haaland’s photoshoot on Instyle’s Instagram page.