A patron of Kid Rock’s bar was accused of swinging his detached colostomy bag and throwing its contents at police.

Newsweek reports that the Metropolitan Nashville Police Department arrested a John Doe earlier this month for allegedly causing a public disturbance with his colostomy bag. The news took social media by storm when Twitter account Nashville Scanner—which regularly posts paraphrased statements sourced from police scanners in Nashville, Tenn.—tweeted, “Unit needs a transport car at … drum roll … kid rock, and an ambulance, and a [sergeant] … male took off his colostomy bag and started swinging it at others, some units have feces on them.” The account noted that this was the third time it had heard the suspect mentioned by police dispatchers over two nights.

“Dispatch also advising central was out twice with this unit tonight,” the account continued in its thread. “Keeps refusing medical; well now, he is going to jail.”

A police affidavit clarifies the situation. “The defendant was outside drunk holding a bottle of beer blocking the outside emergency exit door at Kid Rock’s. Kid Rock security told the defendant to leave … but he refused.

The affidavit alleges that the man physically attacked officers. “When the Metro police officers arrived to the location to assist security the defendant took out his colostomy bag from the inside of his front pants area and started to swing the bag around from left to right hitting two of the Metro police officers with his feces.”

The suspect was charged with assault on two Metro police officers, disorderly conduct and public intoxication.

Cult Leader’s Body Found Wrapped in Christmas Lights

An alleged cult leader’s mummified body was found wrapped in Christmas lights in a Denver home last month, leading to the arrest of seven of her followers.

According to People a man believed to be a member of the “Love Has Won” cult reported to police that the body of the cult’s alleged leader, Lia “Amy” Carlson, was being kept by her followers. The man told police that Carlson’s eyes appeared to be missing, her teeth were “exposed through the lips,” and she appeared to be “mummified.”

When police reportedly raided the “Love Has Won” headquarters, located in a mobile home in Moffat, Colo., and found Carlson’s body in a sleeping bag. The corpse was adorned with “glitter type makeup on around the eyes” according to the police report and wrapped in Christmas lights in what officers described as a “shrine.”

Seven members of the cult and two children were also found within the home. All seven were arrested at the scene. All of the individuals were charged with child abuse. Four of the individuals were also charged with tampering with deceased human remains—three were also charged with abuse of a corpse and one of them was charged with false imprisonment as well. The children were taken into protective custody.

Authorities have not released information pertaining to Carlson’s—known as “Mother God” to her followers—cause of death. In a livestream posted April 16, cult members said she was close to dying. In another livestream on April 21, members said she was in “stasis” and refused medical help.

Brood X Set To Emerge

Trillions of cicadas are set to emerge across the U.S. after living underground for 17 years.

Over the next few weeks, Brood X—the name given by scientists for one of the largest cicada broods in North America—will emerge from underground in 15 states along the East Coast and in the Midwest to begin their weeks-long mating ritual. The brood spend their juvenile stages underground only to come up for a few weeks in which they have to find a mate and lay their eggs before they die. The brood is said to make an incredibly loud sound similar to a lawnmower during mating season. The large number of cicadas—estimated in the trillions—can cause entire yards to seemingly disappear under blankets of insects.

The event happens every 17 years on a near-perfect schedule. “I think it’s not that the cicadas know anything per se. I think part of it is hardwired,” Jessica Ware, an entomologist at the American Museum of Natural History, told CBS News reporters. “So there’s a series of biochemical cascades, you know, hormones that rise and fall that set off a trigger. And if you have a certain hormone level and the temperature of the soil is 64 degrees, it’s go time.”

According to the Associated Press, psychiatrists in areas that will be affected have been preparing their patients who suffer from fears of insects. But entomologists say the cicadas are harmless and will not bite or sting.

Company to Release Half Billion Gene-Engineered Mosquitoes

Residents of a village in Florida are outraged that a biotech company plans to release 500 million gene-hacked mosquitoes into their community.

According to Futurism some residents of Islamorada, Fla., are claiming that British biotech company Oxitec used deceptive methods to gain permission to conduct a genetic experiment in which it will release 500 million genetically altered mosquitoes engineered to destroy the local mosquito populations that feed on humans.

Some residents allege that representatives of the company approached them and asked if they would like to participate in a mosquito control program without fully explaining the experiment. If the resident gave their permission, the representatives installed a small, black mosquito capture cup in the resident’s yard.

“I find this criminal, that we are being bullied into this experiment,” Florida Keys resident Meagan Hull said at a town council meeting in March. “I find it criminal that we are being subjected to this terrorism by our own Florida Keys Mosquito Control Board.”

The special mosquitoes have an extra gene called OX5034. If the plan works, the genetically altered male mosquitoes—which don’t bite humans—will breed with wild females—which do bite humans—passing on the OX5034 gene. The gene will prevent any female offspring from reaching adulthood, resulting in a drop in the population. Researchers hope this will cause the biting mosquitoes to die out.

The gene-hacked mosquitoes will target those of the species Aedes aegypti, which is associated with with the majority of mosquito-borne illnesses.