Tierna Unruh-Enos is publisher at The Paper.

New Mexico is well on its way to meeting the goal of getting 60 percent of the population fully vaccinated against COVID-19. According to the New Mexico Dept of Health COVID-19 vaccine dashboard, as of May 10 at least 60 percent now have at least one dose of the vaccine. Almost 50 percent, or just over 805,000 have been fully vaccinated. The DOH has administered over 1.7 million doses of the COVID vaccine.

Last month, Governor Lujan Grisham said the state can fully reopen in July if 60% of eligible New Mexicans are fully vaccinated. Vaccination rates are one of three factors that make up the state’s color-coded “red to turquoise” reopening system. Currently, 30 counties are in the Turquoise Level, two are in the Green Level and Chaves County is the only county that remains in the Yellow zone.

“When 60% of eligible New Mexicans have been fully vaccinated, which state modeling projects may occur as early as the end of June, the state will graduate out of the color-coded county risk system and remove most pandemic-related restrictions on commercial activities. Mask requirements while around others will remain in place, and certain COVID-Safe Practices will be required for specific activities,” said Lujan Grisham.

How Do We Get to 60 Percent?

The state’s target is to get 1,008,363 people fully vaccinated. We’re almost there, and with six weeks to go, we’ll likely make the governor’s target. While vaccination rates have slowed in New Mexico and around the country, health officials are urging people to register for their vaccine, and get their second shot if they haven’t yet. So don’t relax just yet, because that Red to Green framework we all love so much might soon go away and we will finally be able to get back to a more normal life just in time to enjoy it in the beautiful New Mexican summer.