Trevor Reed works in New Mexico’s cannabis industry


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As a proud employer my hope is that the standardization of the recreational marijuana industry in New Mexico is a win win.

Industry in New Mexico, as well as nationally, can and should support a merit-based statutory scoring mechanism for responsible employers with an executed labor piece agreement with a bona fide labor union that organizers in the cannabis industry.

The state’s independent economic analysts project the creation of at least 11,400 jobs in the plant-touching adult cannabis industry in New Mexico. Let’s ensure that these are good-paying jobs and that these workers will have access to comprehensive medical, dental and prescription benefits as responsible employers typically provide.

I have seen firsthand how other jurisdictions can effectively partner with labor to create good jobs and immediately bolster local economies.

Labor Peace Agreements that prioritize applicants with a demonstrated history of employee consideration would help New Mexico set living-wage standards, incentivize good business and ensure the prioritization of consumer safety. Recognizing employees as our greatest resource, employers should work in unison with them to responsibly grow our industry. Under a labor piece agreement, unions pledge to abstain from strikes, boycotts, picketing and any activity deemed injurious to the company. In return, employers agree to remain neutral during a unions efforts to organize the company’s work force.

Investing in a strong, skilled workforce is vital to the success of New Mexico’s adult recreational industry. These agreements support worker freedom by empowering determined men and women to find a powerful voice for positive economic development. Across America these agreements have produced a workforce that enjoys better pay, affordable healthcare and retirement plans.

Responsible employers are rewarded by peace agreements with a committed workforce, which strengthen those companies aligned with a long-term investment in its community.
Where labor peace agreements exist, everyone wins.