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Slice and Dice Pizzaria

I love pizza. I love board games. It’s perfect for quarantining, but even better sitting on a patio with a pint. Slice and Dice Pizzeria is a great place to grab a bite and destroy my friends in a friendly competition of Risk. Sure, you can dial the phone and call a corporate pizza delivery service, but this place has got some of the best pies around.

A family-owned local business, Slice and Dice had its idea imported from Grants by Vic Briseno and Mercedes Donio. Their main goal was to provide Albuquerque with a comfortable environment where the community could gather and bond over some quality food. Their pizza recipe has been in their family for 15 years—and it’s delicious.

When you first enter into Slice and Dice, you are hit with an aroma of cheese and meats. Shelves are filled to the top with board games and the staff is immediately friendly. The menu contains a handful of classics—each item tasteful on its own, but the one that stands out is the King Meat Pizza. It’s a pie that is loaded with pepperoni, beef, bacon and other Italian meats. They also make subs; I recommend their Meatball Sub—a classic sandwich with a Slice and Dice twist.

Where Dice Meets the Slice

The pizzeria contains a massive board game library, an archive of classics and new games. They also have a wide variety of dice sets if you’re a big Dungeon and Dragon player. The great thing about their selection is you have full access to every game in store; and if you don’t know how to play the game, the staff will teach you!

Slice and Dice Pizzeria

5720 McMahon Blvd NW Suite B

Neighborhood: Westside

Category: Pizza

Phone: (505) 361-2058