Love is in the air! It hazily wafts past your nose, smelling of … skunk?

This month, in honor of Valentine’s Day, we tried out some flower that teased our senses and excited our imaginations with exotic flavors and scents. We figured it was a good time to fool around with using cannabis to spice things up in the bedroom.

You might have heard that marijuana can actually help improve your love life. Some patients claim that certain strains will inspire amorous feelings. Others say it has more to do with relaxing in the moment. Well, there’s only one way to really find out. Roll up a fat spliff of one of our favorite strains, grab your partner by the hand and get to experimenting.

Pineapple Express

Get ready for an uplifting ride on the Pineapple Express. Named after the 2008 cannabis comedy starring Seth Rogen and James Franco, this strain smells bright and fruity. It tastes like a nutty Hawaiian smoothie. A true hybrid, it will get your synapses firing while relaxing your edgy chakras. This tropical dreamboat is the perfect Valentine’s Day flower. It’s great for those suffering from anxiety and distraction—you know, every person in the human race at the moment. It’s also great for those looking to chill out and take in the sensual pleasures of the world (sha-wink).

Junior Mints

Promote healthy relaxation with a tasty dose of Junior Mints. As its name implies, this indica-dominant hybrid tastes like mint and chocolate. It has an earthy aroma that is pleasant and sweet. Its dense and chunky buds are packed full of calming terpenes that make it one of the most pleasurable smokes around. Pain reduction and restfulness are synonymous with this relaxing flower, making it great for patients looking to treat insomnia and chronic pain. It’s also great for those looking to zone out and binge watch bad sitcoms on a lazy Saturday.

Purple Thai Haze

Get your heart pumping and your brain jumping with Purple Thai Haze. This sativa-dominant flower is a great daytime bud that can warm up even the frostiest disposition, making it a great choice for those suffering from depression. While it will excite your imagination and your funny bone, expect to be easily distracted and forgetful after smoking a bowl. It’s definitely a daytime weed, but maybe not a chore-day weed. It smells sweet and swampy, with a skunky note on top. It tastes slightly floral and woody.

Copper Chem

Another wonderful flower that can help shake patients out of their winter torpor and put them right into a flow state is the famous Copper Chem. Tasting of tangy diesel, this classic strain is known to improve mood and inspire euphoria. The high from this flower is relaxing and contemplative, with a laser-like focus that lends itself to solitary tasks like at-home work or Netflix drama marathons. This strain is also well-known as a great pain-reliever—perfect for patients who are stuck in office chairs all day.

Nightmare Cookies

Don’t let the name scare you. Nightmare Cookies is one of the most inspiring strains available in New Mexico. It’s a true hybrid that sparks cerebral euphoria while smoothing out tension and easing pain. This pain-relieving strain is great for winding down in the evening and seems especially beneficial for those who work high-stress, higher-demand jobs. It will help ease mental tension and lighten the mood without locking you to the couch or knocking you out. It tastes like cookie batter and pine and smells sweet and grassy.

Moonshine Ghost Train

This distinct sativa is legendary for its ability to induce a sense of purpose and focus. One hit of this flower, and you’ll be on your feet, looking for a project to throw your weight behind. Its tangy and sharp citrus flavors are uplifting enough on their own, but the high from this sativa-dominant bud is what makes it so inspiring. Get ready to experience euphoria, frenetic thinking, a quick wit and joyous rapture. It’s a great strain for those seeking relief from depression, listlessness or anxiety.

Super Silver Haze

We’ll round out the list with a beautiful hybrid that can meet most patient needs. Super Silver Haze is a well-rounded strain that tastes sweet and smells skunky. This flower will mellow you out and soothe your anxiety without leaving you in a state of torpor, making it a great daytime option. While this hybrid is slightly more on the sativa side, patients won’t be experiencing racing thoughts or overly cerebral experiences. It’s great for battling pain, nausea and depression.