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House legislators are scheduled to cast the first votes of the year this Saturday on legislation to legalize adult-use cannabis.

New Mexico legislators have introduced five different bills for legalization: three in the Senate and two in the House. While that may seem like a lot, legislators in one chamber often partner with sponsors in the other to introduce similar bills, enabling them to move forward in both chambers in parallel.

Saturday’s bills, House Bills 12 and 17, are both scheduled to be heard in the House Health and Human Services Committee at 10 a.m. via zoom. Both bills provide routes to legalization, though HB12 is considered more preferential to large growers and allocates approximately half of the revenue to social programs to correct the wrongs of the war on drugs. HB17 also legalizes but leaves most details to a rulemaking group to be established later.

You can read each bill in The Paper‘s “Path to Legalization” page.

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