Tierna Unruh-Enos is publisher at The Paper.


Despite calls for a second impeachment and being shunned by members of his own party, President Donald Trump will make a last-ditch effort to laud his own list of accomplishments during his presidency. Without the aid of social media and after being banned from Facebook and Twitter, Trump is expected to travel to the U.S.-Mexico border today to highlight his administration’s work on the border wall, the White House said Saturday.

A major focus Trump’s campaign for the presidency in 2016 was the his desire to construct a border wall. He also promised that Mexico would pay for the wall, but it has obviously been paid for by U.S. taxpayers instead.

While most of the wall went up in areas that had smaller barriers, the government has built hundreds of miles of fencing as high as 30 feet (9 meters) in a short amount of time — most of it this year.

The administration prioritized areas where the wall could be built more quickly and crews have blasted hills and bulldozed sensitive habitats in national wildlife refuges and on American Indian land to do it.

The visit will likely be the president’s first public appearance since he addressed supporters on Wednesday riling up a crowd that later staged a violent siege of the U.S. Capitol. He is anxious to highlight accomplishments as his presidency winds down.

Meanwhile, Democrats in the House are pushing for an impeachment vote. They planto formally introduce their proposal Monday with a vote possible by Wednesday.