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Following a raucous rally led by President Trump himself, hundreds of pro-Trump protestors stormed the US Capitol Building, pushing past US Capitol Police prompting a lockdown of a joint session of Congress underway and the evacuation of Vice President Pence and Congressional leadership.

As extremists tried to enter the chamber, police were captured in photos with guns drawn behind a barricaded door to the floor of the United States House of Representative. Orange tear gas emanated from the center of the building as locked down senators and congresspersons were given gas masks. One woman was shot and killed, according to multiple news reports.

By 6:00 pm in Washington, DC, police announced that the Capitol Building was again secure and members were seen returning to the building.

Throughout the ordeal, New Mexicans in Congress gave updates via Twitter. Meanwhile, armed Trump supporters began to assemble outside the state capitol building in Santa Fe.

Here’s how today developed as seen through Twitter from New Mexican elected officials and reporters on the scenes.

New Mexicans in Congress Share Updates Via Twitter

US Senator Martin Heinrich replied to numerous social media messages from concerned followers.

New Mexico’s newest senator has had quite a first week in the upper chamber. He was quick to label the insurrection for what it was.

New Mexico’s three Congresswomen were all also safe.

Rep. Deb Haaland, President-elect Joe Biden’s nominee for secretary of interior, posted a short video. She and a single staffer were locked down in her Congressional office.

She was quick to affirm that she intends to fulfill her obligation to certify the election results when Congress reconvenes.

Santa Fe’s Teresa Ledger Fernandez, not quite a week into her first term in Congress, was committed to certifying the election once it was safe to do so.

Ledger Fernandez told KOAT News, “They have attacked the Capitol, they have stormed in… there have been shots fired. That’s not a rally. That’s a mob.”

Meanwhile, New Mexico’s lone Republican federal delegate had previously announced that she intended to join a group of pro-Trump extremists in objecting to the election certification during today’s Congressional meeting. Today she called the insurrection on Capitol Hill unacceptable but fell short of calling it criminal or seditious.

Armed Trump Supporters Force Evacuation of New Mexico Roundhouse

As word of the insurgence in the US Capitol Building began to spread, protestors began to assemble outside the New Mexico State Capitol Building. Shouts of “arrest the governor!” could be heard in video tweeted by Rachel Knapp of KRQE news.

As the crowd grew larger, some attending were seen openly carrying assault rifles.

The Legislative Council, a joint state house and senate committee of legislators, was meeting to discuss their own plans for the upcoming legislative session. It was interrupted when State Police ordered the evacuation of the Roundhouse, according to Speaker Brian Egolf.