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We New Mexicans have been in limbo during the lockdown. We gained inside outdoor dining, then as numbers improved, indoor dining at a 25 percent capacity for a couple of weeks—only to go back to a complete shutdown again. Now we are back to patio dining at the same percentage as before.

If you’re still looking for that perfect patio to grab a drink, look no further. The perfect spot is at Gravity Bound, a new-ish brewery that opened up in October. It’s a hip young pub you’re going to want to immerse yourself in.

Opened by two Colorado brothers, Chris and Cameron Frigon, the two have quickly established buzz amongst the younger population of Albuquerque. Once I hear a new brewery opens, I go.

When you pull up to Gravity, you see the structure was built to accommodate the lockdown rules. While the building allows for inside seating, the patio is much more appealing. The atmosphere will suck you in; as you graze the menu, your mouth will begin to water.

Their menu is extensive; from lagers to sours, Gravity gives you all the options. Personally, I recommend the “Proof of Life” Vienne-style lager.

The lager was my first option when I first visited the quaint pub. It was the perfect match when sitting in their garage-like patio. With the nice brisk winter temperature and a cold pint, it definitely made lockdown a lot easier.

The brewery is a small operation that is surrounded by brewing titans. Inside their Downtown circle, you have Marble, Rio Bravo and Tractor, all of whom have created their own respective following. But this place is different; it’s unique.

This place is made for the drinker looking for a different scene, with a different tempo. So go off the beaten path and check out Gravity Bound.

Gravity Bound Brewing
816 Third St. NW
Neighborhood: Downtown
Category: Brewery