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One of the Downtown’s most popular weekend market vendors isn’t waiting to see if Covid rules will allow markets to open this spring.

The popular bakery is now open four days a week (Thursday – Sunday) at their new walkup window at Broadway and Hazeldine wedged between the Huning Highland and South Broadway neighborhoods.

Burque Bakehouse’s croissants and sweet treats has become staples of the Downtown Growers’ Market and Rail Yard Market (those croissants take 3-4 days to make). By locally sourcing many of their ingredients from fellow market vendors, they also help develop the local food scene.

If you can’t hoof it down to Broadway on the weekend, you can find their products during the week at a few local coffee joints:
Zendo Coffee
Cutbow Coffee
Michael Thomas Coffee (Silver, Carlisle, & Tin Can Alley)

Burque Bakehouse
64o Broadway Blvd SE
Neighborhood: Huning Highland / South Broadway
Category: Bakery
Phone: 505-234-6294

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