When the word “plunder” is used in a sentence, we think of deviant behavior such as stealing with forceful act. But when I hear the term, I’m automatically triggered to think of Black’s Smuggler red wine. A mixture of their high-quality reds in one bottle.

Plunder ($24), their specialty wine that is aged for five years, is great for any occasion and every palate. It accommodates both the average wine drinker and expert consumers of the beverage. When taking the first sip, you are introduced to a hint of sweet caramel that helps cover the alcohol taste in the blend. With its silky smooth finish, it’s a wine hard to put down.

Black’s Smuggler Winery is fairly new. Starting out as a hobby, owner and vintner Tony Black began his operations in the 2010s. Originally from Colorado, Black has developed a unique line of reds and white.

Plunder is perfect for any occasion. It’s a red that truly brings people together. But it is not the only red this winery is known for. Another one of my favorites is their Spanish red, Tempranillo ($22), a tangy taste perfect to pair when eating sweets. It’s a Southwestern-style wine and truly matches the Southwestern style of New Mexico.

Black’s offers a wide selection of other wines. They offer dry and sweet whites, such as their dry Tumbleweed ($16) and their sweet Sundance ($15). Alongside their whites, they offer rosés, such as their Painted Lady Rosé ($16) and the Sandia Rose ($15).

So find time to visit their atmospheric winery in Bosque, share a bottle on the patio, and enjoy the beautiful New Mexico sunset while you sip on their selections.

Black’s Smuggler Winery
25 Winery Rd, Bosque, NM
Neighborhood: Bosque Farms, NM
Category: Winery
Phone: (505) 433-5654