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Sham Naik knows a little about the ups and downs of the Albuquerque restaurant business. The man behind Nob Hill and Uptown’s B2B concepts has also played a role in dining ventures that weren’t so successful, including UNM’s Lobo Beast 101.

So when Covid-19 hit, Naik was quick to adapt. He was one of the first to offer curbside and delivery options with the local delivery gurus at self-lane. Now he’s taking lessons learned there to test out a whole new venture through a ghost kitchen operated at his Uptown location.

In January, B2B Garden Brewery began hosting La Bruja Torteria Mexicana, a Mexico City-style torta experience available only by delivery. It’s not smoke and mirrors, La Bruja will be crafting modern Mexican tortas out of the same kitchen as your source for artisanal chef-driven tacos and craft beer.

From La Bruja:

It is our pleasure to introduce Mexico City’s grandly indulgent style of sandwich- The Torta, the queen of all sandwiches to ABQ. Call it magic, call it delicious, we prefer to call it lunch. Take a trip to Mexico City by simply ordering delivery or pick up from La Bruja Torteria Mexicana Albuquerque’s ghost kitchen. Once you get a taste, we believe you’ll agree with us when we say the torta is the new taco.

We have honed our craft to create 8 spellbinding Torta varieties with a plethora of unique sauces and toppings. Think griddle-roasted, Mexican sandwich with melted authentic asadero cheese! All the best flavors of Mexico served in a telera bun which in and of itself is foundational and can make or break a torta, we source ours from the local and family-owned panaderia Mexico in southwest Albuquerque who bakes for us daily to our specification. It is speculated that the telera bun has adapted from the French influence in part thanks to the late president Diaz’s love of French cuisine. The creation of pan dulce itself is due to this man’s love of carbs. So for that, we thank you, fine sir. We are focusing in on the details of what makes the most authentic torta. We are striving to bring New Mexico the exact flavors you would find in the heart of distrito federal aka Mexico city. 

The fillings are uncomplicated, but undeniably delicious. The protein has to be high quality, locally sourced and packed with flavor. Choose from a lineup of savory, slow-cooked and varied protein preparations including chicken, beef, and pork. We haven’t forgotten about our vegan and vegetarian friends! Our menu features crispy nopales milanesa and a chipotle jackfruit bbq that keeps our plant-based community in mind. You are sure to find yourself spellbound by this culinary delight!

Interested in a potion to pair? We’ve created sparkling agua frescas that are simply magic. Refresh and lift your spirits with agua de limon, agua de mango, agua de tamarindo or hydrate and replenish with our house made horchata. If you are picking up takeout, treat yourself to a growler or cans of our B2B ABQ beer, cider and seltzer while you are at it! 

Read the full listing for La Bruja below.