The Year 2020 was not the best time to start a new business. Various local shops have been forced to close their doors due to the pandemic, and strict guidelines on the restaurant industry have stifled local dining. However, there is still hope as new business owners attempt to open their doors, despite the weakened economy. People need to eat, and why waste your time standing in the 40-person lines at the grocery store when a 10-minute car ride for takeout can provide you with all the nourishment you need?

One such business, ABQ Burrito, began just after the start of New Mexico’s second lockdown on Nov. 16, 2020. Despite the unlucky timing and unforeseen shutdowns, the owners of ABQ Burrito, Shawn and Megan Bucher, have hope that their business will work out. 

“Getting started in the middle of a pandemic is obviously not what we wanted to do, but we really had no other choice,” says Shawn. After taking out loans, acquiring money from investors and securing vendor relationships, the Buchers managed to secure a location at 2930 Candelaria Rd NE, previously occupied by Milly’s and Mick’s Chile Fix. 

If you only have one thing…

“We really wanted to do something that was good for the neighborhood. That’s why we decided to focus on take out and drive through options, because so many people are in a hurry for breakfast and lunch,” said Shawn. “Burritos and burrito bowls, good local piñon coffee and a signature churro doughnut are really what we focus on and do well.” They offer options for vegetarians, kids and individuals looking to grab just a salad or some fresh greens.

ABQ Burrito
2930 Candelaria Rd NE
Neighborhood: Midtown
Category: Restaurant
Phone: (505) 639-5528